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Validator Support Program: Commission Rate Eligibility Update


April 17, 2024



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Following the recent updates to the ICON Economic Policy, particularly the introduction of validator commission rates, we are adjusting the eligibility criteria for the ICON Validator Support Program.

Updated Eligibility Criterion:

Effective from the 23rd of April onwards, only validators with a commission rate lower than 15% will be eligible to participate in the Validator Support Program.

This criterion aligns with our goal to ensure a fair distribution of rewards within the ICON network and to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

Future Adjustments:

The 15% commission rate threshold is not fixed and may be revised based on evolving market conditions and industry standards.

Action Required for Validators:

Validators are advised to review and, if necessary, adjust their commission rates to comply with the new eligibility criterion. We encourage validators to make any needed adjustments promptly to remain eligible for the program.

For any questions or further clarification, please reach out via the ICON Discord server.