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Introducing the ICON Validator Support Program


April 16, 2023



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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the ICON Validator Support Program, through which validators can each receive up to 5 million ICX in delegation support.

The support program conveys ICON Foundation’s sincere appreciation for the unwavering commitment and dedication of current ICON validators to maintaining the integrity of the ICON network.

We hope that the ICON Validator Support Program will encourage validators’ continued participation through challenging market conditions and also invite new validators to join a collaborative and thriving community that collectively contributes to the growth and success of our blockchain network.

The eligibility criteria for validator rewards are as follows:

  • 90%+ productivity, as shown on the ICON Tracker

  • Bonded beyond the 5% required bond rate

With the above criteria, the ICON Foundation seeks to incentivize network bonding and to promote validators who contribute to the security and efficiency of the ICON network by running quality nodes.

If you are a validator that meets the above criteria, you can apply here. Delegation support recipients will be evaluated by the Foundation on a quarterly basis, but this may change over time.

How is the size of delegation support determined?

The amount of delegation support that a validator qualifies for will be calculated on the basis of their current bond amount so that:

  • Optimal Delegation = Current Bond / 5%

  • Eligible Delegation Support = Min [(Optimal Delegation - Current Delegation), 5M ICX]

If a validator increases the size of their bond over time, they can reapply and receive more support from the Foundation via the program. The maximum delegation support that a validator can receive is 5 million ICX.

Additional staking rewards accrued from the portion of delegation support received through the ICON Validator Support Program will go back to the Foundation to be used for ecosystem support programs.

If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through the ICON Discord. Thank you for your continued support.