What is the
ICON Foundation?

Established in 2017, the ICON Foundation support the long term growth and mission of the ICON ecosystem, which is to connect all blockchains. We are part of a decentralized network of companies, teams, individuals, and community members who collectively build products, fund development, and deliberate on issues important to advancing the best interests of the ICON ecosystem.

“The ICON Foundation funds and supports various building blocks of the ICON Ecosystem, each component contributing to a more connected and more decentralized future.”

Min Kim, Council Member

Our Values

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Open Source

In the spirit of open source development, all contributors receiving funding from the ICON Foundation are required to publish their contributions and progress reports in an open repository

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One of our most important priorities is to ensure that we continue to grow a network of valuable partners who are vested in securing and growing the ICON Network and the broader ecosystem

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We are commited to communicating development progress/outcomes or challenges promptly and accurately with the rest of the community.