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December 2023: xCall connects to ETH and BSC

December 2023 - Main

January 9, 2024



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With December came the delivery of several key milestones, providing a robust base from which ICON can focus on expanding the adoption of its cross-chain framework in 2024. Most notably through its general message passing solution, xCall. In addition to the IBC integration adding another xCall connected chain, the BTP interoperability protocol has been added to the framework, connecting xCall to the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain ecosystems. 

December 2024 - Integrations

🌐 Central Relay Progress: The Central Relay's core is complete, providing additional customization options for applications looking to leverage xCall. The relay's first chains/modules are now ready for use when the integration goes live with Avalanche. The Balanced team is already testing this. Following closely are the next two modules, Base and Archway. Work on Base is nearly finished, and we've just commenced work on Archway.

🛠️ BTP Developments: BTP has been deployed to Ethereum and BSC Mainnets, alongside the xCall v2 Solidity contracts. While the Ethereum deployment went smoothly, we had to address some issues with BSC. Both are now connected to mainnet, with announcement planned after the application of fee structure on BSC. Additionally, we've discovered a way to optimize fees on ICON for light clients and have already deployed this to Lisbon for testing, aiming for a January mainnet activation.

🔍 IBC Contracts Audits: The IBC contracts audits by Informal Systems are complete. They were very pleased with our IBC adoption and found no critical issues. A few optimizations were suggested, and we are working on implementing these. The audit report will be published after these optimizations are completed.

⏸️ Composable finance Integration: We've started work on the Composable finance integration and have completed most of it. Currently, we are in the testing phase with the ICS20 application (IBC native token transfer service) on local machines. We plan to move this integration to testnets once local testing is successfully completed.

🚀 Injective Integration: We have successfully deployed to Injective in early January. All testing has been completed, and it is now ready for use.

We remain committed to transparency and diligence as we move forward with these integrations and enhancements to the ICON ecosystem.

Now that progress can be made simultaneously across various integrations, we have updated the integrations milestone board to make it easier for the community to follow along. For more detailed information on the monthly progress of our IBC integrations, we invite you to explore our latest report here.

📅 December’s Accomplishments:

  • Deployed the IBC connection for Injective to Lisbon Testnet.

  • Completed BTP testing with xCall v2 on Lisbon, ETH and BSC Testnets.

  • Completed Testing Central Relay on Avalanche Testnet.

  • Completed IBC contract’s external audits.

  • Prepared Central Relay for release with Avalanche Mainnet integration.

  • Deployed BTP to ICON, Ethereum and BSC Mainnets.

  • Deployed and tested new features on Lisbon to offset BMV fees on ICON for BTP.

  • Deployed IBC contracts on Injective and opened a channel to connect ICON to Injective.

🎯 January’s Goals:

  • Continue testing the framework for xCall adaptors.

  • Test xCall v2 contracts and adaptor contracts on various EVM chains, as noted on the milestone board.

  • Deploy update to optimize fees for BTP on ICON Mainnet.

  • Complete Base and Archway modules for the Central Relay.

  • Finish local testing of ICS20 application with our Composable finance integration.

A Milestone board for ongoing integration efforts can be found here.

December 2024 - Network

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