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April 2024: Improved Timelines for Blockchain Integrations

April 2024 - Main

May 3, 2024



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In April we made considerable progress on most of our integrations and started on a few new ones well ahead of plans! 

🌐 Central Relay Progress: over the month of April we shipped 3 new released for the relay, all improving operational efficiency.

✉️ ICON GMP 2.1 Deployment: The final deployment of the latest ICON GMP version 2.1 for Injective has been completed.

💧 Sui Integration Underway: Development for GMP, Relay and Balanced contracts have been completed, We are starting integration testing from May. Once this is done we will look to get this on testnet for the next wave of testing.

🟠 Stacks Integration: We have Started development work on the balanced contracts for Stacks. Overall the Stacks piece will be a bit harder then the other integrations. With Stacks originally planned to be picked up after the Sui work, we have been able to get ahead, moving on this at the same time! 

🪐 Stellar Development: While the plan was to just start on the relay module we are happy to report development work on all pieces was completed in April. So we are going to commence integration testing in May. 

🛠️ Balanced Smart Contract Launches: With Havah and Injective smart contract deployments done, we did face a few minor issues with the ICON bridge migration for the ETH asset. We resolved all these issues in the last week of April and have now successfully migrated all the eth that was in the icon bridge contracts to the Balanced asset manager contract on BSC.

These updates spotlight our dedicated efforts towards increasing interoperability and enhancing the overall efficiency within the ICON ecosystem through strategic development and integration across multiple blockchain platforms.

We remain committed to transparency and diligence as we move forward with these integrations and enhancements to the ICON ecosystem.

Now that progress can be made simultaneously across various integrations, we have updated the integrations milestone board to make it easier for the community to follow along. For more detailed information on the monthly progress of our IBC integrations, we invite you to explore our latest report here.

📅 April Accomplishments:

  • Completed development of the GMP contract for Sui.

  • Completed development of the Relay modules for Sui.

  • Completed development of Balanced smart contracts in move for Sui.

  • Completed Development of Relay module for Stellar.

  • Completed Development of GMP contract on Stellar.

  • Completed development of Balanced Contracts for Stellar.

  • Deployed Balanced smart contracts on Havah mainnet.

  • Deployed Balanced contracts on Injective mainnet.

  • Migrated ICON bridge assets to Balanced asset manager contracts for BSC.

  • Commenced Balanced contracts for Stacks.

  • Completed Discovery for Solana.

🎯 May’s Goals:

  • Work through integration testing for Sui GMP contacts with the Relay.

  • Integration testing for Sui Balanced contracts.

  • Work through integration testing for Stellar GMP contacts with the Relay.

  • Integration testing for Stellar Balanced contracts.

  • Commence development of Solana GMP contract.

  • Commence development of Solana Balanced contracts.

  • Finish development of Balanced contracts for Stacks.

  • Start development of GMP contract for Stacks.

  • Deploy Balanced on Ethereum, Base, Arbitrum and Optimism.

A Milestone board for ongoing integration efforts can be found here.

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