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May 2024: Improving Stability as Balanced Launches on Avalanche

May 2024 - Main

June 4, 2024



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In May we faced some delays in light of stability issues, these were resolved quickly and allowed the launch of the Avalanche frontend for Balanced. In the coming month we seek to continue improving the stability of services alongside our ongoing efforts to expand blockchain integrations for GMP and Balanced. 

🌐 Central Relay Progress: In late May we discovered some stability issues with the relay which have been addressed. We are still actively working on this as we continue to add more chains.

💧 Sui Integration Underway: Integration testing for SUI was completed in May. We have also deployed ICON’s GMP on SUI’s testnet and connected ICON Lisbon testnet to it via our relay. Balanced contracts are also on SUI testnet. In the month of June we will continue to test and optimize all three components. 

🟠 Stacks Integration: Development of the Balanced contracts for stacks has been completed. Development has commenced on the GMP contract. 

🪐 Stellar Development: All development work for GMP, Relay and Balanced contracts have been completed. We have almost finished integration testing of all these pieces as well. In June we will close out integration testing and target testnet deployments.

🛠️ Balanced Smart Contract Launches: Balanced is now deployed on Arbitrum and Base. We are working on optimizing the relay for these chains. Once done we will deploy on Optimism as well. For the moment, we are holding off on Ethereum Mainnet. The primary reason for this is that we can't currently offer the same cross-chain experience as with our currently connected chains due to the cost of transactions on Ethereum.

These updates spotlight our dedicated efforts towards increasing interoperability and enhancing the overall efficiency within the ICON ecosystem through strategic development and integration across multiple blockchain platforms.

We remain committed to transparency and diligence as we move forward with these integrations and enhancements to the ICON ecosystem.

Now that progress can be made simultaneously across various integrations, we have updated the integrations milestone board to make it easier for the community to follow along. For more detailed information on the monthly progress of our IBC integrations, we invite you to explore our latest report here.

📅 May’s Accomplishments:

  • Completed development of Balanced contracts for Stacks.

  • Completed integration testing for Sui Balanced and GMP contacts with the Relay.

  • Completed discovery work to connect ICON via IBC to Axelar.

  • Deployed Balanced on Base and Arbitrum.

🎯 June’s Goals:

  • Complete integration testing for Stellar Balanced and GMP contacts with the Relay.

  • Complete development of Solana Balanced and GMP contacts with the Relay.

  • Complete development of GMP contract for Stacks.

  • Begin external audit for Balanced and ICON GMP solidity contracts.

  • Continue work on stability and performance.

  • Connect to composable finance mainnet.

  • Deploy Balanced on Optimism.

A Milestone board for ongoing integration efforts can be found here.