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ICON’s Interoperability Network Expands to Ethereum and BNB Chain

BTP on Mainnet (1)

January 25, 2024



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The ICON cross-chain framework has expanded its support to more chains with the deployment of Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP) smart contracts on mainnet. 

With this deployment, ICON's general message passing (xCall) is now integrated to two primary interoperability protocols: the Cosmos Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol and BTP. This improved connectivity allows ICON's general message passing layer to support a wider range of cross-chain interactions across multiple blockchains, solidifying its position as a leading solution for cross-chain interoperability.

In particular, the BTP integration has expanded the reach of ICON's general message passing to two major EVM blockchains: Ethereum and BNB Chain. This enables applications using ICON’s general message passing to seamlessly connect to EVM blockchains, opening up opportunities to expand their user base and gain access to a larger market.

ICON’s General Message Passing Contracts for Ethereum and BNB Chain

Developers who want to utilize this connection for communication with Ethereum or BNB Chain can find relevant documentation to connect their application here. An EVM sample application is also available to explore to help you get started. For developers seeking additional supporting materials for ICON’s general message passing, here are some more links: