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Charting a Course for Expansion Through a Strategic Merger and Revenue Consolidation

2024 Direction (1)

January 11, 2024



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In 2024, ICON is poised for significant growth. Last year brought several key milestones, including the successful integration of general message passing (xCall) with Cosmos IBC, several blockchain ecosystems and launching the Balanced app on the Archway Network. This year, ICON is focusing on expanding the adoption of its cross-chain framework and increasing revenue, with Balanced being key to this strategy as detailed in today's forum posts on the ICON community forum and the Balanced DAO governance forum

Bringing Balance

Our key focus for 2024 is to position Balanced as a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol and in doing so, drive adoption for ICON technology and generate revenue for the network. To achieve this, we must rapidly grow ICON's interoperability network, list a wider range of high-demand cross-chain asset pairs, and further enhance user experience through well-funded liquidity pools and added security. For more information on our plans to promote the ICON Cross-Chain Framework alongside Balanced, find the full proposal and share your thoughts on the ICON community forum and the Balanced DAO governance forum.