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Avalanche DeFi Expands with Balanced Cross-Chain DEX and Loans

Avalanche Balanced Launch

May 30, 2024



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From today, Avalanche users can access native asset swaps, borrow against native tokens, and transfer USDC between ERC-20 and Noble, directly on Balanced. Avalanche is the latest cross-chain connection for the platform, made possible through ICON's Cross-Chain Framework and its General Message Passing (GMP) standard.

This launch follows the ICON Network's initial acquisitions of over 5000 AVAX in Network Owned Liquidity, with continual acquisitions planned to grow AVAX liquidity and ensure a positive user experience for the platform's cross-chain functionality. 

Aligned with ICON’s vision of promoting cross-chain development, Balanced will continue to extend its services across additional blockchains as they become available through ICON GMP. Stay tuned for updates on these new cross-chain features as they become available on Balanced. For more details on today’s Avalanche release, refer to this update from the Balanced team.