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Winners for the xCall Incentivized Testnet Program

Results for Incentivized xCall Testnet Program

September 25, 2023



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What an exciting couple of weeks it has been for xCall with the Incentivized Testnet Program! During this first phase of the program, our goal was to target both high-value submissions that could contribute something important to the early stages of the xCall ecosystem and projects that have potential for further development. That’s exactly what we found. We received 18 high-quality submissions, making them eligible for a total of 331,700 ICX in rewards.

Many of these projects showcase infrastructure products that, if fully developed, would provide a solid foundation for a simplified and robust developer experience for teams building with xCall.

After two weeks of thoughtful deliberation, we have narrowed down the list of winners eligible for rewards as follows:

🏆 Winners for the Feature Testing category

  • Perform an xCall Transaction

    • jptusern

    • kryptopoo


    • cocacola686

  • Report a bug

    • kryptopoo for reporting an xCall Demo dApp bug

    • jptusern for reporting an xCall Demo dApp bug

    • Staky for reporting an xCall system bug

🏆 Winners for the dApps & Templates category

  • Build a cross-chain NFT marketplace

    • Staky with “xcallympics”

  • Build a cross-chain game

    • bwnodnarb with “Galactic Conquest”

  • Build a system for cross-chain decentralized identity

    • sonderecho with “OMNI Name Service”

🏆 Winners for the Tooling category

  • Simplify the development pipeline

    • Paul Rouge with “xCalligraph”

  • Simplify tracking and estimating transactions

    • kryptopoo with “xcallscan”

    • Techiast with “Xcall-tracker”

🏆 Winners for the Content category

  • Create dApp development content

    • jimmedebe with “Multi-blockchain user preference interface”

  • Create community content

    • Encrypto with “withICONists xCall Builder Twitter Space”

    • budw1ser with “withICONists xCall Builder Twitter Space”

  • Winners for the Wildcard category:

    • Paul Rouge with “xCall Chainlink VRF”

    • Hugobyte with “Aurrus xCall Event Feed”

With so many high quality submissions, selecting winners proved to be a truly daunting task. Each submission showcased an impressive level of quality and innovation, making the decision-making process incredibly challenging.

However, this is only the beginning of our xCall journey and there will be many more events to come. We eagerly look forward to the remarkable contributions that developers will continue to make to the xCall ecosystem.

Also, we would like to give a special shoutout to the HAVAH team for sponsoring categories for the xCall Incentivized Testnet Program.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and we will be reaching out to each of you individually with detailed instructions on how to claim your well-deserved rewards.

Check back for more information on the winning submissions in the upcoming weeks!