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What to Expect: ICE and SNOW


March 4, 2023



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With Web3Labs’ ICE and SNOW contract expiring at the end of this month, Venture23 will assume the responsibility for keeping the SNOW Network live through April, as the ICE and SNOW project wraps up.

The SNOW repository, which currently resides in Web3Labs’ GitHub, will be transferred to the ICON Community GitHub shortly. At the end of April, the SNOW blockchain will be shutdown, before which a snapshot of the state of the network will be archived and stored. This will allow any teams that would like to make use of the SNOW Network in the future to start off from where the current teams left off. A bounty of the Foundation’s allocation of SNOW tokens is publicly available for interested teams.

Those who participated in the Kusama parachain auction will be returned their KSM to their original KSM wallets when the parachain lease expires, later this year on August 26th. Web3Labs and Venture23 teams are looking into whether unlocking KSM earlier is possible.

For questions please join the #snow_general chat in the ICON Discord.