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Sunsetting the ICON Bridge

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January 19, 2023



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With the full launch of the audited bridge, the ICON Foundation is no longer directly funding new development of the ICON Bridge project. The ICON Bridge Relay is still centrally operated by ICONLOOP and will remain so.

The networks supported by ICON Bridge are as follows:


  • ICON

  • SNOW

  • BSC


  • ICON

  • SNOW

  • BSC

  • NEAR

  • Algorand (in progress)

The core development teams of the ICON Bridge now continue to work on implementing IBC’s core specifications into smart contracts on ICONPolygon, and Archway. ICONLOOP continues to develop BTP, and the resources allocated to this remain unchanged.

ICON Bridge is open source, and we encourage teams and builders in our community to contribute to it. CPS can be used to fund its ongoing development, as we have seen Espanicon do with the ICON Bridge SDK project.

The criteria for new upgrades to the official ICON Bridge service on Mainnet include an internal audit by the ICON Bridge core developers and an external audit by an auditing firm if the internal audit is passed.

Sunsetting the ICON Bridge is in line with our strategy of being a cross-chain hub. ICON Bridge is one of the first interoperable solutions offered, and BTP is actively being developed. Work has commenced on IBC.