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Solidwallet Tracker API Shutdown

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August 29, 2023



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We hereby inform you that the solidwallet.io tracker API will cease its operations on

Sep 25 20:00 (EST)

Sep 26 09:00 (KST)

Below are the domains to be terminated:

  • main.tracker.solidwallet.io

  • lisbon.tracker.solidwallet.io

  • berlin.tracker.solidwallet.io

Services affected by termination include:

  • tracker.icon.foundation/v3 (Remove redirect)

  • tracker.icon.community/v3 (Remove redirect)

The solidwallet.io APIs below are also scheduled to be shut down.




























For your tracking and API needs, we advise transitioning to tracker.icon.community. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

For any questions or troubleshooting support, please join the #dev_support channel on ICON Discord. To report bugs or to make product- related suggestions, you can submit a request directly through the Tracker GitHub.

For developers, please reference the following APIs docs:


  • tracker.icon.community/api/v1/docs

  • tracker.icon.community/api/v1/contracts/docs

  • tracker.icon.community/api/v1/governance/docs


  • tracker.berlin.icon.community/api/v1/docs

  • tracker.berlin.icon.community/api/v1/contracts/docs


  • tracker.lisbon.icon.community/api/v1/docs

  • tracker.lisbon.icon.community/api/v1/contracts/docs

Thank you for your continued support.