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ICON Development Update – October 2023

Development Update - October 2023

November 6, 2023



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October heralded a season of harvest, as we reaped the fruits of our labor with Archway's seamless integration into the mainnet. But this is just the prelude. November brings further testing, finalization, and new integrations that promise to bolster the backbone of the ICON and xCall ecosystem. Here’s a rundown of the progress we’ve made and the journey ahead.

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In October, we marked a significant milestone with Neutron going live on the mainnet. An official announcement will be forthcoming once we've ensured everything is performing flawlessly. Current endeavors are multifaceted, but a few key highlights stand out:

Here are the highlights from last months development process:

🔗 BTP's Finishing Touches: The deployment of the BTP protocol is in its final stages on Lisbon and on the testnets for Ethereum, Havah and Binance Smart Chain.

🛠️ Testing xCall v2: November is slated for comprehensive testing of xCall V2 through BTP, building on the insights gained from earlier testing on the Berlin testnet.

🔀 Hop-Chain Integration Progress: Our hop-chain integration, crucial for future-proofing our IBC implementations, is evolving successfully despite its complexities.

📑 xCall v2 Solidity Contract Update: The xCall V2 Solidity contract development is complete, with deployments on multiple testnets and associated adaptor contracts for Wormhole and Layer Zero now in the testing stage. If all goes smoothly, we expect to share updates regarding mainnet release dates in next month's development update.

🔄 Injective Blockchain’s Path to Integration: Integration efforts with the Injective blockchain have commenced, with a timeline to deploy to respective testnets in November. A mainnet launch could occur in December, subject to a smooth testing phase in November and requiring a positive governance vote from the Injective community. We're working in close quarters with the Injective team to navigate this process efficiently.

Recognizing the enthusiasm in our community for the parallel progress of our integrations, we've revamped the integrations milestone board for our community to track developments with ease.

📅 October’s Accomplishments:

  • xCall V2’s Solidity contract was completed and deployed to base, avalanche and BSC testnets.

  • Development completed for Layer Zero and Wormhole xCall Adaptor contracts.

  • Development commenced for our hop chain integration

  • Neutron mainnet deployment completed.

  • Development completed for the central relay.

🎯 November’s Goals:

  • Development and testnet deployment to the Injective blockchain.

  • Testing of xCall v2 contracts and adaptor contracts on various EVM chains as noted on the milestone board.

  • Complete hop chain integration development and commence testing.

  • Complete BTP deployment on Lisbon, ETH and BSC testnets.

  • Testing of BTP with xCall v2 on Lisbon, ETH and BSC testnets.

  • Integration testing for the central relay.

  • Complete the designs for our xCall v2.1 features.

To stay abreast of our ongoing integration efforts, our freshly updated Milestone board awaits your perusal here. Alternatively you can take a more in-depth view on development with our integrations report.

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Next Month

  • Continuing the ICON Validator Support Program - ongoing

  • Continue development of IISS 4.0 - expected initial version for testing by the end of November.

  • Goloop v1.3.13

Documentation updates

Find the latest update from the Dev relations team here. As work continues with xCall and the ICON blockchain as a whole, we remain committed to sharing our progress with the community. Here’s to a November filled with successful deployments, robust testing, and strides toward a more interconnected and seamless blockchain ecosystem. Stay tuned for more from the ICON development front!