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ICON Development Update – April 2023


May 4, 2023



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The month of April has been all about testing BTP components in a live testnet environment. During this time, a BSC testnet update required modifications to our relay and BMV contracts. In this article, we share tasks completed and development milestones for May. Work on the IBC integrations of xCall Service continues to be captured in dedicated monthly reports, which are also linked in this article.

xCall Architecture / Product

With BTP being live on Ethereum and BSC testnets our team has been busy using the first month to test all the components of BTP on a live testnet environment, they have already implemented various fixes to improve security and performance. Our team has also been working through the changes shipped to BSC testnet, more details on this can be found in the challenges section below.

Last Month

Next Month


As mentioned earlier, BSC has updated its testnet with the proposed Luban hardfork changes. This alters the finality of block times on BSC, which requires us to modify our relay and BMV contracts. Our team has been diligently working on these changes, and we plan to release the updates to testnet by the end of next week.

Changes like these are rare, but when they occur, they are first deployed on testnet to allow teams to make any necessary modifications and test them on testnet to ensure that they are ready to update their protocols when the changes are implemented on mainnet.


Ibriz and Hygobyte have continued work on the IBC integrations with their monthly progress reports being published below:

Milestone boards for both IBC and BTP integrations are published here:

ICON Blockchain

Last Month

Next Month

  • Goloop v1.3.6 release planned for May to fix consensus issue

  • ICON monetary policy implementation plans and development

  • Continuing the ICON Validator Support Program

  • Improving bug reporting process

  • Improving code coverage

Documentation updates

Find the latest update from the Dev relations team here.