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IBC Enables ICON Expansion to Neutron

xCall on Neutron

November 14, 2023



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Last month, the ICON Foundation announced that it had integrated IBC to its interoperability stack. Following the IBC integration, ICON has been rapidly expanding its network to include chains from the Cosmos ecosystem and Neutron, a cross-chain smart contract platform that offers DeFi dApps the complete economic security of the Cosmos Hub, is the newest addition to ICON’s growing network of Cosmos chains. 

Neutron and ICON share the same commitment to providing a seamless cross-chain experience for end users – Neutron achieves this through IBC and modules that enable cross chain data retrieval and transactions, while ICON does this by providing a proxy layer to multiple underlying protocols that standardizes development for cross-chain dApp developers across many ecosystems. 

Both approaches share the same vision of borderless blockchains.

To learn more about how ICON’s interoperability product adds to IBC functionality for the Cosmos ecosystem, read here.